Brother Printer Not Printing Black Error Resolved!!

Brother Printer Not Printing

Are you curious to know how you can fix the brother printer not printing issue in just a few steps? Well, you have landed on the right page. Here you will be going to learn how to undo the printing faults of your Brother printer. It is very discouraging when you are in mid of your important work and suddenly your printer fails to give you printouts. However, don’t worry keep reading this blog which will guide you on how to resolve the Brother printer not printing issue.

Why Brother Printer Not Printing Properly?

There could be several reasons or maybe just due to that one main issue you are unable to get prints from your printer. The reason includes connectivity errors, outdated printer drivers, configuration issues or faulty installation, and so on. Whatever the issue is, with the guidance of a brother printer technical expert you will fix it. 

Here Are The Fixes For The Printer Not Printing Black:

We have listed the fixes below, you don’t need to apply all of them, simply work your way down the list and see which eliminates the printing error from your printer.

Solution for Brother Printer Not Printing Issue:

  1.   Check your connection
  2.   Check if the printer is set in Offline mode
  3.   Update Brother Printer Drivers
  4.   Set Brother Printer as the Default printer
  5.   Restart Spooler service
  6.   Clear printer queue

Check the Connection of your PC as well as your Printer:

Before getting into complicated fixes, let’s focus on the simpler ones. This is the most common and basic error that most users ignore. Hence, check the connection of your network is stable with the PC as well as with the brother printer. Also, ensure that both devices are connected to the same network.

  •  If you are using a wired connection:-

For the wired connection first and foremost see if the cable isn’t broken from anywhere. Now re-plug your cable into the USB port of your computer, you can also try connecting with another port. Also, make sure that your printer is on. 

  • If your printer utilizes a Wireless connection:-

For the wireless connection brother printers, it is very essential to ensure that both computer and printer are connected to the same network. If not, then connect both machines with the same Wi-Fi router. Now try the test print, and if still your printer doesn’t work, you can jump to the next solution.

Check if your Brother Printer is in Offline mode:

Open your printer settings and check if your printer is set in Offline mode. If it is so, then your printer won’t print until you bring it online. To change the settings, below are the steps that you can do:

  •         Click on the Start button on your computer.
  •         Select Settings.
  •         Click on ‘Devices’ and choose printer and scanners.
  •         Now choose the printer you are using.
  •         Right-click on the printer.
  •         Choose the “see what’s printing” option from the drop-down list.
  •         Click on the ‘printer’ option which is available in the top left corner.
  •         From the drop-down menu unselect the ‘use printer offline’ option.

By repeating the above steps you can re-check if the ‘use printer offline’ option is unchecked. Through this, you will make your printer come online and can take out prints.

Update your Brother Printer drivers:

A range of printer-related issues happened due to the wrong or outdated printer driver. Many times it happens that users are not aware that an updated version is also available on which the brother printer will run and this raises the issue of the printer not printing issue. So, if you are also troubled by the out-of-date printer drivers or have not installed them completely, here are steps you can take to resolve this issue.

There are two ways to do it, either manually or automatically.

Manually: Brother keeps updating drivers for printers on its website. You can visit the website to search for the updated versions of the driver corresponding with the version of your Windows. When you find the right one, select and download it. 

Once you’re done with the downloading process, double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions shown on the screen to install the driver. Now run a test print to check if your printer is printing without any issues.

Automatically: There are many options and tools that can help you in updating the driver automatically. You can take help from an expert as well.

Set Brother Printer as Default Printer:

  • Open your Printer window in the computer from settings.
  • Now choose your Brother printer and right-click.
  • Check if your printer status is ready. If not, put it on ready.
  • From the drop-down list, select ‘Set as Default Printer’.
  • Check if there is any printing command in the queue then cancel it.

Restart Spooler Service:

If the printer’s Spooler service is not working properly then your computer will not be able to send the print command to your Brother Printer. Hence, to make it run again you need to restart the service again. Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Run box on your computer (press the Windows key and R simultaneously).
  • Type service.msc and click OK.
  • Now right-click Print Spooler and check if it is running. 
  •  Start the service, and if it is already started, click Restart.
  • Right-click on the Print Spooler and click Properties.
  • Set the Startup type to Automatically. Then, click OK.
  •  Now check if your printer comes to normal status and starts printing. 

Clear the print queue:

Sometimes it happens that previous commands got stuck in the print queue and this prevents the printer from performing normally. Though, you need to clear the queue to resume the printing process.

  • Click on the Start button on your Desktop screen.
  • Type services in the search box and click Services.
  • Right-click the Printer Spooler and click Stop. Minimize the service window and proceed further.
  •  On your keyboard, simultaneously press the Window key and E.
  • Copy the address and paste it into the address box. Now press Enter key.
  • Delete all the files.
  • Re-open the Service window and click Printer Spooler and click Start.

After you finish with the above-given steps, restart your computer for the changes to take place. Now check if your Brother Printer is printing or not.

Solve Brother Printer Not Printing For Windows Issue With Experts

After performing the above-given solutions, if your Brother printer is not performing as it should you can take the help of an expert. Brother printer technical support experts can help you out in running your printer normally and you will be able to get your printouts.

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