How Can I Fix the Canon Printer Not Printing Issue?

Canon Printer Not Printing

In this advanced age, we all need technology in our day-to-day life. Whether it is our official work or personal, we all need some equipment or gadgets for the completion of our work. And, printers have become the most common and essential part of our lives. We can print soft copies of the document that are saved on our laptops, computer, smartphones, and tablets. Canon is a renowned name in the industry of printers and for ages now we have all been using it. Similarly, when using canon printers you can face errors like- “Canon Printer Not Printing”, “Canon Printer is not working” or maybe “Canon Printer not Printing Black”. But, you don’t need to worry that these issues can be resolved very easily within just a few steps. You can also take help from an expert.

Here we have a few simple step-by-step guidance on printers not printing for you to perform at home. 

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing?

Before we proceed to the solution, it is necessary for you to look at certain factors that could be responsible for this hassle. 

  • Maybe the print jobs are getting stuck in the print queue.
  • Paper jam issues can also make your canon printer fail in the printing job.
  • If your Canon Printer Driver is not updated, the printer may fail.
  • The unmatched size of the paper is being used in the printer.
  • Unstable network connection.
  • When your canon printer is not compatible with outdated software, the printer printing issue can occur.
  • Due to dust inside the printer heads.

First, check all these above-mentioned points and make sure that these are not responsible for the printer, not the printing issue. Regularly, check and clean your printer and never overburden the printer queue with lots of printing jobs at the same time. 

Let’s move ahead and look at the solutions to Canon printer printing errors:

When You First Install The Canon Printer

There could be a possibility of a printing error in your printer when you connect and install the printer for the first time. Hence, if this is the case you do the below-noted things:


Many printers today utilize wireless technology and this could be a setup with the network router, access points, or the printer configuration itself. 

So, if you want to resolve this, follow the below steps for wireless connections. Also, get the access point password to obtain the router, if it is applicable. Next, you need to follow below steps:

  • Push the Setup button, now select Wireless LAN Setup, and select OK.
  • Select Easy Setup, and press OK.
  • Now you need to choose Access Point and when prompted enter the correct password, the OK.
  • Using the Easy Install, load the Canon setup media on your PC or laptop and run the program to install. 

Now the installation process will locate your printer on the network (make sure your system and printer are connected to the same network). Then complete the process by clicking Next.

This is a one-time process that you need to do. Now, if your printer is working properly and connected to your PC or laptop, you will be able to successfully run a test print job. 

And, if your printer works on a wired connection, then you need to take care that wires are connected properly. You can even follow the process shown in the guide manual that you got with the printer. 


Other than connectivity, the software also plays a major role in the printer not printing issue. Hence, you need to perform a few needful steps. Your operating system or drivers could be outdated or missing. Even if you have connected everything in place, there are maybe some updates that have been made since that media was created. You can follow the below steps to update and install the latest drivers. 

  • Restart your computer- this often will recover any lost connection automatically with wireless devices.
  • You should also power off and on the printer, and even the router which is connected to the printer.
  • Check your printer configuration- maybe you are not assigned to the correct port for the printer.
  • To utilize the device manager, type “dev” in the Windows search box, and select Devices and Printers. 
  • Next, you need to double-click your Canon printer device, click on Printer, and go to Properties.
  • Now, you can access multiple tabs to verify your canon printer configuration:
  • General- will show the location of the printer.
  • Port- here you can see details of your IP address, including the type of port, with the chance to update that information as needed. Some of the printers also require specific port assignments to function properly. 

Once you are done with all the settings and setup for your printer and still you are facing a Canon printer not printing issue then you need to check your system for the current all-over status.

Resolve Canon Printer Not Printing Black Issue with Easy Steps:

  • Many times it happens that we ignore our nearby and very simple errors that could also be one of the reasons. Hence, go through the below-noted instructions to instantly cope-up with this Printer not Printing errors easily ad from the core. 
  • First and foremost, you need to ensure that the wireless or wired connection setup has been done properly.
  • The next thing you can do is, clear the print queue. So that your printer can print the document without any chaos. 
  • Many times it happens, that paper got jammed in between the printer head. So, if it is the cause, remove the jammed paper carefully.
  • If your ink cartridge is low on ink, then it won’t let your printer print anything. You need to replace the ink cartridge.
  • Keep updating the drivers and software from time to time for the printer’s well-functioning. 

If these steps help you out in resolving the issue of the Canon Printer Not Printing, then you can restart your work. However, if the above solutions fail to restart your printing process or you fail to do so, you can always reach out to an expert. 

The qualified and tech-savvy Canon Printer Support expert can give his assistance in resolving canon printer issues. You will get an effective solution in very less time. So, don’t waste your time waiting to reach an expert for a fast solution.

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